Original date:2015-01-11 14:48:05 Edited by: jimcbrown Subject: Re: Euphoria's strengths

eukat said...

GreenEuphorian, i won't say the language's name because people get banned on this forum for advertising.

Well, only if they're selling something. Typically it's even a product largely unrelated to computing (like "those gray dresses" or something).

But, yes, this is a forum about Euphoria, not INSERT FAVORITE LANGUAGE HERE. Comparisions and other valid on-topic posts about other languages are permitted, but we do ask that everyone does their best to keep things on topic.

That said, our unwritten policy about off-topic posts is generally pretty lax. E.g.,

That said, it's time to get this thread back on topic. Instead of just talking about how Euphoria lacks things like access to the variable table, let's start seeing how we can make Euphoria even stronger.

A good first step might be sharing ideas and maybe even code on how we can modify eu.ex and execute.e to do things like implement access to the variable table. Thoughts?

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