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dcuny said...
petelomax said...
  1. It's not really my place to deny others
  2. There are real user experience benefits
  3. There are valid cost benefits (crappy code is part of that)
  4. There are even performance gains to be had (and hits to suffer)
  5. If you don't like it you don't have to use it

This. Especially #5.


On the other hand, if you want Euphoria to be your own private language, by all means don't implement features common to other languages, and then tell people that Euphoria is superior because it lacks these features. And be sure to cast aspersions on their coding skills while you're at it.

- David

Note that once you introduce something like exception handling in a language, its not a optional thing. Many situations will force, even the developers that dont like it, to use it.

For example: If the fopen() function throws a exception (instead of a error code) when a file dont exists, all developers are forced do write try/catch blocks to check if everything is OK.

I dont like exception handling, and think that its not compatible with anything that uses simplicity as a feature (my personal opinion here).

Sorry my bad english...

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