Original date:2014-12-30 11:37:03 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Editor

If I press Ctrl+F2 Declarations when the cursor is in white space, Wee crashes on me. I get a message box stating: "Internal editor error occurred." Wee 0.09, OE 4.0.5

C:\Euphoria\wee\ui_win.e:587 in procedure view_declaration() subscript value 2 is out of bounds, reading from a sequence of length 1

... called from C:\Euphoria\wee\ui_win.e:1128 in function WndProc()

^ call-back from Windows

... called from C:\Euphoria\wee\ui_win.e:1409 in procedure WinMain()

... called from C:\Euphoria\wee\ui_win.e:1417

> See ex.err

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