Original date:2014-12-23 03:46:16 Edited by: cargoan Subject: Re: bigatom in The Archive

Revisiting code I found an wrong? declaration (object) when it is an integer and when I added shortcuts for ten powers I forgot cut the mantissa in ba_root(). Effect is that you can receive more decimal places than the current scale. It's not an important bug but is not correct.

Updated in the Euphoria archive.


Note: and added trigonometric functions, commented out, at end of file... if anyone is encouraged and solves it, I do not get more, convergence of arctan is very painful with these divisors in the McLaurin-Taylor serie. I had to watch a few videos of classes on the matter but ... nothing. Well, nothing not, I have learned enough, never time wasted if you learn something... and as singing, yesterday spoiled, Joe Cocker: "with a little help from my friends..."

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