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PeteE said...

For the third item, when do you want to be presented with the list of includes? On autocompleting symbols, view declaration or a third new option "view undefined references"? Or even as you type? (would need the change notification working for this)

Well, I'm used to how Eclipse does it, which is to underline symbols with issues. Right clicking brings up a helpful context menu, which offers options functionally equivalent to:

  • include method foo() from bazz.e
  • include method foo() from frotz.e
  • create method foo()

Because Java has lots of potential conflicts, Eclipse needs to list the potential include files and have the user select. I think it's less an issue in Euphoria. This usually takes a couple of clicks to take care of all the instances, but it's mostly painless, and Eclipse underlines errors on the fly, so you can actually take care of them right away.

But a simpler method would be to have a menu option (or hotkey) that would just perform the behavior when triggered.

The first would be much cooler, but the second would be easier to implements Real Soon, because you'd only need a list of default routines and the includes the are associated with. The first requires adding dynamic underlining, and popup help - all which I'd eventually love to have... And once you start adding those, my wish list is going to get even longer!

But right now, it's just an irritation to have to constantly go to the web to figure what libraries cos() and rnd() live in. smile

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