Original date:2014-12-17 14:54:00 Edited by: ne1uno Subject: Re: Redy 1.0.a1 released!

buzzo said...

Installed following instructions. But none of the demos run.

Error: C:\Euphoria\redy\apps\\..\..\\gui\themes.e:459

<0074>:: Errors resolving the following references:

..\.\\gui\wc\wc_canvas.e <151>: ScreenX

..\.\\gui\wc\wc_canvas.e <151>: ScreenY

and a long list of similar refs

wc_canvas.e seems to be in the right place..

have no problem running other *.exw files from anywhere on my computer

this must be the problem...

the following do not exist ... called in wc_canvas.e

public include gui/widgets.e as widget

public include oswin/oswin.e as oswin

public include gui/themes.e as th

I think the two canvas are a typo should be wcanvas then there is still the routine show() undefined

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