Original date:2014-12-05 01:57:17 Edited by: PeteE Subject: Re: Editor

bugmagnet said...

And ... I just got a "Edit Control: EN_MAXTEXT received". Is that settable somewhere?

Not really, it seems to be an internal limitation to the richedit control. It sends the message when the richedit buffer needs to be enlarged, but the text you were trying to paste or type still gets truncated. Not sure how to fix it yet.

I made some fixes to the ShellExecute, it should work better for any document type, as long as the file associations exist.

Appdata is used for the wee_conf.txt now.

Get it here

I also noticed that Jean-Marc DURO posted an update to WEE last week, with some useful new features. I should have started with that as the base, but I could try merging it with his permission.

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