Original date:2014-11-21 10:43:54 Edited by: han45 Subject: little graphic user interfaces - how to program on WinXP system

Hello everybody outside in the deep blue sea of bits and bytes ,

how is it possible to program little graphic user interfaces in euphoria , with WIN XP system ?

There are only DOS programming statements available. I have the Beginners Tutorial from David Gay.

Dos Box is good for testing purposes. But i dont think that "The Same DOS Code of Euphoria" works on WinXP.

It is important to create a pixel graphics window in full screen for display.

This GUI i want to "include" my program code.

See you


Thank you very much for the handshake.

I have win32.lib already installed. For running a program from archieve download.

May i ask you , are there any tutorials or guides where the win32.lib statements are described ?



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