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Good morning programmers , Good Morning America ,

the weather is fine , the temperature is high.... , the shares went up...

just started the system and see the huge CON... take coffee black and...

start to think about new magic concepts of prgramming in Euphoria!

Ok. At the time i am only a beginner of Euphoria and Programming. But i hope that all topics will help others beginners indeed.

I am reading the topic "File and Device Handling" from the Beginners Guide Euphoria.

There are the following names for devices: ( All on the DOS based - little older hardware technique )

CON - Console (screen) AUX - Auxilary serial port COM1 - Serial Port 1 COM2 - Serial Port 2 PRN - Parallel Printer NUL - Non ecisting Device.

OK. I have Euphoria 4.0

My question :

What are the actual Device Names for up to date PC Ports like : USB Port 1 , USB Port 2 , etc.

Yes , i have the complete tutorial of Euphoria.

To search the complete book for theese topics is a little bit cumbersome as a beginner.

Thanks for your efforts.


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