Original date:2014-11-14 17:16:40 Edited by: han45 Subject: Full Screen output for simple calculations

Hello everybody ,

im afraid that i have mentioned my subject on "Full Sceen" from the false point of view.

I am a beginner of programming.

The isuue is simple.

The first programming steps are almost arithmetic calculations.

If i want to write a calculation program , let us assume a statistics ,

then i check it with the euphoria interpreter.

It always run in the windows CMD application.

When i make a exe from it with the shrouder it is a IL File. To open with a copy of the eubw.exe backended.

Also this app starts on another PC with the CMD in small size mode.

What must i do ?

Have i to make a simple full screen graphics in my program ?

How can i do that simple for text displays.

Can everyone give me an example code?

My first aim is : to make a simple calculation program in full screen mode.

Thats all for the first step. Code i have here included in the mail.




include graphics.e

include get.e

include std/console.e



position (25 , 35)

printf (1 , "Hello , World\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n")

any_key ()

I want to start THIS .... as IL File APP on another PC in Full Screen.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I have tried it.

While opening the IL its the same small window.

Anyway thanks.

I will try further.

Thanks Andreas ,

yes that works.

I only have Windows XP in use. Its simple the best.

The position of the text i have made to "position (10 , 10 ).

Next i have to learn the programming of a graphics window where the text can be positioned in any area.

But that step is only important if the calculation program in completly ready.

First i have here the euphoria book "Beginners Guide to Euphoria , with student demo programs"


i have tried the code on Windows 8. It works also. The CMD is maximized to full screen

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