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ghaberek said...

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DerekParnell said...

Anyone else notice that Microsoft just announced that Visual Studio is now open source and cross-platform?

Microsoft takes .NET open source and cross-platform, adds new development capabilities with Visual Studio 2015, .NET 2015 and Visual Studio Online

.NET Framework will be open-source. Visual Studio will be freeware for small teams (5 or fewer users), including commercial use. I haven't seen anything about VS being open source though. Either way, I think this is pretty good news since the Express versions of VS have been pretty well crippled since day one. The ability to use VS add-ins with "free" version is a big plus, and the Professional version has always had more bells-and-whistles anyway.


These are bad news for the PC market and for Euphoria. Microsoft's brutally wishes to dominate the software AND the hardware market of PCs, by giving attractive products for free - and forcing the world to be bound to their operating system.

There is no reason to be happy about it. Linux technology is much more advanced and flexible then Windows. Microsoft blinds us all with their multi-billion budget. Visual studio is a bait for the blinded crowd, to force everyone into Microsoft. These are terrible news for the future of PC technology. But many companies already figured it out.

Euphoria - should introduce it's own IDE, as Java. And gain popularity. If not - Euphoria will be vanished and all of us will be using Microsoft's cloud and visual tools which they supply. In political terms this method called - dictatorship.

Are you all fools?

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