Original date:2014-11-11 22:07:49 Edited by: Spock Subject: Re: Euphoria's identity/philosophy Where is the focus?

[quote _tom]

I just learned of the Timsort algorithm which is used in Python and Java. This is a stable sort with a hybrid algorithm. It takes about 1300 lines of C code.

Looking forward to seeing your solution.

_tom [/quote]

I have just now uploaded the sort module to the Contributions page. Some changes were made to the original sort interface that I use. But it is still quite simple.

I hope that someone can rigorously test it and prove that it works as intended.

_tom, I've cursorily looked at Timsort. It has some interesting ideas which I might incorporate into my routines since the general idea is similar, ie, more-or-less an enhanced Merge Sort.


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