Original date:2014-10-21 15:00:09 Edited by: GreenEuphorian Subject: Re: Minimalism and Euphoria

Slacker said...

Minimalism is the main reason I like Eu so much. I've been using it since 2000 and have yet to see a programming language which better suits the needs of the casual programmer. This changed somewhat with the eu 4, which is why I'm still using 3.1.1.

At first this seems odd, because one would assume that, in general, new language features make users jump to the newest versions. On the other hand, the addition of new features make a language less minimalistic, and this is non-trivial in languages that aim to be minimalistic. It seems that Euphoria, while still remaining easy to learn and to use, is moving away from the minimalist paradigm. Maybe minimalism was never a primary aim, after all, but just a temporary state of affairs while the language was not fully developed, in the earliest stages.

I am now wondering: are there many users who still prefer using v3 because it is more 'minimalistic'? Or for any other reasons? (I can only think of better performance)

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