Original date:2014-09-14 00:24:57 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: Let's be honest: Euphoria is dying

I haven't been active in the Euphoria in the last few months, and I still haven't gotten around to doing the Wiki Improvement Project and Euphoria community articles, and I still haven't released the next version of FluidAE, but I haven't forgotten or given up on all of that. I'll get to that soon, really I will! smile I am actually using Euphoria at work, for communicating with our products over USB for prototype testing, collecting data, etc. We are going to release an application that will let customers download event logs and view charts of data from our products. Guess what language that application is written in...

Because I need Euphoria for work-related stuff, I have actually been making huge progress on some things that I believe will help the Euphoria community, specifically related to GUI applications. What is currently known as FluidAE is going to have a new name, a new website, and a complete overhaul. I want to keep the details a secret until it is redy to release with a good marketing strategy. MUUAAAHAHAHA! I am hoping this new platform will make it very easy to use Euphoria to make professional-quality GUI applications.

I will also create a really nice application to show off what this Euphoria-based GUI platform can do: a really nice graphing calculator. And I mean really nice! Not just a half-baked, barely functional app to play around with for 5 minutes, but something that math students, programmers, and engineers will actually find more useful than a TI calculator. If anyone is interesting in helping with this application, let me know.

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