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ghaberek said...
coconut said...

I would not encourage a young programmer to learn Euphoria even though I used it a lot in the past.

I think that's the problem right there. Euphoria has always had a lot of potential but very little foothold. We need is more propagation! More evangelism! More exposure! Let's encourage young programmers to use Euphoria. Let's start bringing the language and its tools into the 21st century. Let's get out there and make our voices heard!


Many of the problems are not internal to EUPHORIA but external. There is a lack of incentive for developers to continue on the project. This would seem to be also true about Apache and Linux which are going strong. What do these projects have that EUPHORIA doesn't?

Right now, if you want to use EUPHORIA for CGI you need to rent a VPS which is a lot more steep than say a shared hosting service. The market is such that among shared hosting plans, Perl and PHP are everywhere and EUPHORIA is nowhere.

The C+ + programming language is successful because English is successful. It is used in most places. A library for anything will be written first in C or C + +. Either can be used in C + + without a wrapper. EUPHORIA is kind of like Esperanto.

English is an ugly language. Pronunciation rules are kind of like Spanish but there is a large number of words that break them. A given pronunciation can be produced by several spellings. For making sounds there are redundant letters. With k and s we could do without the letter 'c'. Also 'x' and 'q' could be eliminated. What is more, the language has many irregular verb tense conjugations. Yet, people keep using it. I use it because this is what I learned a home and school. I believe the analog extends to this as well.

If I want to write something for KDE can I use EUPHORIA? Does it make sense for me to write a wrapper for KDE's API or just code it up in C ?

Shawn Pringle

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