Original date:2014-08-30 15:31:37 Edited by: ekhnaton Subject: Re: Let's be honest: Euphoria is dying

irv said...

It's not just Euphoria that's dying. Interest in any kind of programming is dying, along with interest in many other things.

Ask any school teacher, chances are they'll tell you that the majority of their students display no curiosity whatsoever, no interest in how things work, and especially no interest in having to actually do something. Why bother, when "there's an app for that"?

I rode the train across Canada a couple of years ago to see the scenery. There were several kids/teens aboard, and I'm pretty sure none of them ever looked out a window - they spent the entire trip either texting or playing Angry Birds on their ipads.

You are absolutely right, but as to Euohoria there still seems to be a (although dwindling) group of supporters/users.
To be honest, I wouldn't be programing anymore if it weren't for Robert's great vision when starting off Euphoria

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