Original date:2014-06-22 08:48:41 Edited by: DerekParnell Subject: Re: gimlet said... I wasn't addressing that to you, more to Jaygade. However you have not demonstrated that you understand. Th

gimlet said...

I never said you did not understand binary search.

Agreed. Where did that come from?

gimlet said...

I did say the array does not have to be sorted.

But it does!

gimlet said...

Your 'counter-example' is no counter example.

Yes, it is.

jimcbrown said...

But this is all besides the point. You are saying that binary_search() is fine, except we should drop the slicing functionality and the jaygade point, as you think that seem to overcomplicate things.

gimlet said...

and wasn't this accepted?

Sort of. Everyone seems to agree with it theoretically, but due solely to backwards compatibility concerns, this change won't happen.

gimlet said...


If you are going to ban everyone who disagrees Euphoria will die.

If I ban everyone who's ever disagreed with me? Agreed. I'd have to ban Derek and Matt and Shawn and euphoric and Jeremy and ... dang, probably the entire community. Almost everyone who has ever posted on the forum!

Of course, I have no desire to ban people who merely disagree with me on an academic subject. That would just be plain silly. So, what's your point?

gimlet said...

You want to ban me

When did I say this? I did suggest extended moderation may be in the offing, but that's not the same thing as a ban.

gimlet said...

because I doubted your qualifications.

This has nothing to do with it.

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