EUSQLite is a wrapper for the SQLite libraries, from the original libraries by Ray Smith.

Ray is no longer programming with euphoria, but has left his euphoria programs on his web site.

SQLite is multi-platform (or at least bi-platform) running on both Windows and Linux. The libraries are very small, and produce very compact and fast databases (see the SQLite homepage for more information), and can be used to power web based databases, and any other applications where databases are required. SQLite has some difficulty with record locking over a network, as it is not a true client/server database, but it should be possible to write an application to act as a server to network based requests.

SQLite uses a (large) subset of SQL - I have included some SQL tutorial links if you are new to SQL. Or just use a google search to find one that appeals to you.

Other databases are available - EDS (the euphoria database system - included with euphoria, not SQL (unless you use one of the libraries written for this)), MYSQL, and Tsnami, and all have their disadvantages and advantages - choose for yourself.

There are 2 versions of SQLite - the older 2.x series (which is no longer supported), and the 3 series (see for the most current). These produce databases which are incompatible with each other. The 3 series produce more compact databases for the same data, and include the ability to store BLOBs.

With the eu wrappers the syntax for accessing the databases is exactly the same - ie it is transparent to the euphoria program which sql library you are using.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the library, or the use of SQL, just post them to the eu mailing list.

Get the files, some documentation, and an older help file from

eusqlite3 has been updated so it now functions with eu 4.1 and eu4.05. I added a + in front of the function calls, suggested by Jim Brown


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