The category system has changed, this page is largely obsolete and needs serious work.

Wiki categories help us maintain information in a usable form.

There are two pieces to the categorization puzzle. Let's start with the first. Categorizing a page. I found all the pages that are pages about people DerekParnell, ryanj, ... At the bottom of those pages I added:


The HR just offsets it a bit and looks nice. The CategoryPerson turns into a wiki link that goes to the CategoryPerson wiki page. However, pages named Category* are special and they don't really exist. When viewing CategoryAnything, a dynamic list is generated of all other pages belonging to that category (all pages that contain CategoryAnything in them).

Thus, we now have categories.

Now, part two of the puzzle is probably the quick link "Categories." That is not a special page. It is a normal wiki page that is human editable. It does not do anything special nor is it a inherent to the categorization system. It presents a list of common categories in a humanly nice manner. This page hits the major categories and makes it easy for a human to find categories they may be interested in.

We can provide an "Automatically" generated category page but this would not be as helpful as you would think at first. For example, there might be categories: CategoryWin32, CategoryIup, CategoryGtk, CategoryQt, CategoryGUI. All of those are GUI related but on an automatic category page they will appear no where together. With the human edited Categories page, we can group all these. For example, under Euphoria Libraries>GUI we can list these categories.

A page can belong to any number of categories and categories do not have to be created. Just use them. For example, on my page (jeremy) I could do:

CategoryPerson, CategoryDad, CategoryMale, CategoryPilot,  
CategoryHamRadioOperator, CategoryProgrammer, CategoryAbcDef,  

That would immediately allow me to click on the CategoryIsAJeremy and see others who are also a Jeremy.


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