RtoE introduction

From Ruby to Euphoria ... an Exercise

A new Euphoria member considered re-writing a Ruby utility into Euphoria code.

This tutorial shows some ideas that could be used in the re-write.

The Tux Utility

Linux distributions have many possible package managers used to install software on a Linux computer. The program Tux - Universal Package Manager Wrapper is designed to provide a universal API to make program installation easy regardless of the distribution.

You can find Tux at https://gitlab.com/silvernode/tux.git, copywrite Copyright (c) 2015, silvernode

There is nothing wrong with the Tux program or the choice to write it in Ruby. However, it is fun to see how this program could look like in Euphoria.

Trying to translate a program from another language line by line to Euphoria is not the way to proceed.

  • I do not program in Ruby
  • You do not end up with idomatic Euphoria
  • If you think of "translation" instead of "program logic" then your program may not work.

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