Roadmap to 4.0

Outstanding tasks:


  1. Post Beta everyone Audit documentation (spelling, clarity, parameter definitions, clarity, useful examples)


  1. DerekParnell Complete the statistics library.
  2. DerekParnell Add SHA256, MD5 hash functions
  3. everyone Standard library code audit


  1. Ensure 100% code coverage for sequence built-ins.
    1. ReplaceTestCases

Optimization (All can be deferred to **Post Beta**)

  1. mattlewis Optimize forward reference resolution, especially for pathological cases where many unincluded globals are used.
  2. OptimizationIdeas
  3. Translated replace()
  4. De-initialize variables as soon as they go out of scope, not at the end of the routine.


  1. Post Beta mattlewis *nix packages for final distribution
  2. Post Beta anyone? audit examples, update for 4.0 syntax, make examples work on non-DOS environments (those that can, for instance, learn.ex)


  1. Document new keywords (loop/flow).
  2. There are outstanding issues with using gcc 4.3.0 that should be resolved before 4.0 is released (call c offsets)
  3. Make all internal functions accessible at all times via the eu namespace
  4. Add a namespace keyword for library authors?
  5. Unqualified calls should give priority to built-in's
  6. Regular Expressions.
  7. Locale support requires different locale names depending on OS. This should be # resolved some how. - jbrown
  8. Add shell type command library (file copy, move, remove, make directory, remove directory)
  9. Cross platform translate - mattlewis
  10. Possibly add a statistics library. Being developed by Derek Parnell.
  11. Document ifdef - jeremy
  12. Document enum - jeremy
  13. Document documentation system - jeremy Documenting40
  14. Document defaulted parameters - CChris
  15. Remove hard coded paths from translator (e.g., to euphoria.h)
  16. t_flow.e is commented out - CChris
  17. Add override keyword - jeremy
  18. Unit testing now isolates each test file, to crashes can be tested. - jeremy
  19. Change installer to associate .ex files with exwc -- jeremy
  20. warning() function that will allow library authors to issue warnings such as deprecated messages. - CChris
  21. Use break instead of exit for jumping out of switch blocks - mattlewis
  22. Added -lint command line switch to interpreter which shows all warnings regardless of any setting - jeremy
  23. Document new scoping: export, export include and any extra related to it.
  24. Add finer grain warning selection system - CChris
  25. Audit new functions for conformity of name and parameters. For instance, the find_any methods use to pass haystack then needle, however, this was backward from built in find() method of needle then haystack. Other functions must be checked/fixed for this type of inconsistency. CChris
  26. Convert standard library to use default parameters and consolidate as many functions as makes sense (match, match_from, etc...) - jeremy
    1. Completed: file.e, filesys.e, search.e. machine.e, map.e. math.e, os.e, regex.e, search.e, sequence.e, sort.e, stack.e get.e
    2. Skipped: database.e, dll.e, graphics.e, image.e, mouse.e, msgbox.e
  27. Fix t_locale.e to not depend upon existence of en_US
  28. Unittest override keyword
  29. Document override keyword and new routine resolution
  30. Finish document conversion (most everyone)
  31. include_path() return a sequence of paths that include files are searched for in. - CChris
  32. Review all documentation. free() was found to be omitted in the new docs, therefore, we must do an audit to make sure no others were omitted by mistake.
  33. export symbols no longer can be propagated. The new public is to be used instead.
  34. Add optional parameters to built-in functions such as find()? Then deprecate find_from(), etc...
  35. Fix warning system with choosing an internal function over a global/export function - jeremy
  36. Use a specific keyword for the last branch of an ifdef statement, instead of curently "else".
  37. Document Cross platform translate - mattlewis
  38. Fix ed.ex as shipped with Euphoria to work on DOS, Windows and Linux.
  39. Adjust all linux demos, as well as langwar, to the new layout of the standard library and to newer scoping rules.
  40. Rework internal sequence manipulation routines (remove, replace, head, tail, splice) derek
  41. Fix name mangling for exported symbols when building a shared/dynamic library with the translator mattlewis
  42. Inlining Routines - mattlewis
  43. Finish doc tool - jeremy (generation of alpha and category index are all that's left)
  44. jeremy Create unit tests for new socket.e
  45. jeremy Update the windows installer for use on next alpha/beta.
  46. Post Beta jeremy Polish windows installer
  47. Rework config file to define include directories and other command-line-like options.
  48. Framework for automatically freeing resources. mattlewis
  49. Document large constant lists found mainly in socket.e. jeremy


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