ReactOS ( is a free, modern operating system based on the design of Windows? XP/2003. Currently ReactOS is alpha (experimental) software not ready for daily use, but may be an interesting option in the future.

To July 2008: Only Windows interpreter runs, the system lack of DOS emulator so ex.exe don't run. ed.ex and WIN32 demos and sanity.ex included on Euphoria appear to run well, except email (may be MAPI is not implemented). IDE and other Win32Lib based programs can't start correctly. All demo programs included on Andrea Cini's EuWinGui appear to run OK, but EWG-Designer included run but all child windows appear as individual windows and this make more difficult work, you may need to put the child windows on another virtual desktop.

Febraury 2009: Inno setup runs well on reactos 0.3.7, the installation happens OK, but appear that left some problems with environmental variables.

Specific information about Euphoria support and ReactOS can be seen on the Euphoria Support Page for on ReactOS's web site.


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