Predefined Dialogs

There are fourteen predfined dialogs.

There are over 1_400 identifiers the IUP library. Each identifier has been given a unique number in the style of "@serial = 123". (Numbering may change as the documentation is improved.)

Output Input Selection Developmnet
IupAlarm IupGetText IupFilelDlg IupLayoutDialog
IupMessage IupGetParam IupGetFile IupElementPropertiesDialog
IupMessagDlg IupListDialog IupColorDlg
IupProgressDlg IupGetColor
  1. IupAlarm
  2. IupColorDlg
  3. IupElementPropertiesDialog
  4. IupFileDlg
  5. IupFontDlg
  6. IupGetColor
  7. IupGetFile
  8. IupGetParam
  9. IupGetText
  10. IupLayoutDialog
  11. IupListDialog
  12. IupMessage
  13. IupMessageDlg
  14. IupProgressDlg


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