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Apart from thinking and futuristic, which in itself is vaguer than fuzzy logic, we need to 1) Step outside the box AND 2) start thinking the 21st century way, i.e. 3D-thinking. That is what I hope to achieve with all of those who hold `granny or gramps` Euphoria dear.

Bringing concise programming techniques as close to the bare metal as we can, by using the correct principles. We will NEVER, you can trust me on these words, see a 'puter become really creative, though sometimes it seems to have a will, way AND LANGUAGE of its own.

The only ones however capable of learning a new language are the humans, so the first rule to get everything out of your machine is to learn the core-language of the computer, by training ourselves to accept the most unbelievable consequences of logic AND where BINARY logic is doomed to fail under certain conditions, as TRUE nor FALSE seems to be true.

Well, this was my introductory speech, giving you ample time to ponder on (or over) it before the dung really is going to hit a fast spinning sharp-edged OBJECT.

My next appearance will be in 10/14 days, when I hope to have set the stage with a blackboard to write on with chalk, like your old-time teacher used to do

Blessings to all of us.

Please tom would you be so kind as to remove the manure I left? I intended to introduce 2 categories (outside-the-box-thinking or even stepping


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