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-C config_file (all)
Specifies either a file name or the path for where the default file called eu.cfg exists. The configuration file which holds a set of additional command line switches. See Also Configuration file format
-CON (translator)
Windows only. Specifies that the translated program should be a console application. The default is to build a windowed application.
-D word (all)
Defines a word as being set. Words are processed by the ifdef statement. Words can also be defined via the with / without define directive.
-DEBUG (translator)
Enable debug mode for the generated code.
An external debugger translated into a .DLL or .so library to be used instead of the built-in debugger.
-DLL, -SO (translator)
Compiles and links the translated euphoria code into a DLL, SO or DYLIB (depending on the platform).
-EUDIR dir (all)
This overrides the environment variable EUDIR.
-H, (all)
Displays the list of available command line options.
-I include_path (all)
Specifies an extra include path.
-LIB file (translator)
Specifies the run-time library to use when translating euphoria programs.
-LIB-PIC file (translator)
Specifies the run-time library to use when translating euphoria programs as shared objects. The library should be built using the -fPIC (position independent code) flag. This is meant to be used in a eu.cfg file to be able to specify both a non-PIC (using the -lib option) and a PIC option in the same eu.cfg file.
-PLAT word (translator)
Specify the target platform for translation. This allows euphoria code to be translated for any supported platform from any other supported platform. Supported platforms: FREEBSD, LINUX, NETBSD, OPENBSD, OSX, WINDOWS
-STRICT (all)
This turns on all warnings, overriding any with/without warning statement found in the source. This option can also be set via the with/without warning directive.
-TEST (all)
Parses the code only and issues any warnings or errors to STDOUT. On error the exit code will be 1, otherwise 0. If an error was found, the normal "Press Enter" prompt will not be presented when using the -TEST parameter which enables many editor/IDE programs to test the syntax of your Euphoria source in real time.
-TRACE-LINES n (all)
Changes the number of lines that will be used in ctrace.out for lines traced under trace(3). The default is 500.
-VERSION (all)
Displays the version of euphoria that is running.
-W warning_name (all)
Resets, or adds to, the current list of warnings that may be emitted. The list of known names is to be found in the subsection with/without warning. A name should appear without quotes. If the warning_name begins with a plus symbol '+', this warning is
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