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Now that you have installed Euphoria, here are some things you can try:

Run the Demo Programs

Run each of the demo programs in the demo directory. You just type eui <program name>. An example of running the demos in a console

eui buzz 

You can also double-click on a .ex or .exw file from Windows as file associations have been setup during the installation process.

Edit Sample Files

You can use any plain text editor for writing Euphoria source-code.

Code-editors provide a syntax highlighter. The wiki lists many editors suitable for Euphoria. Check the wiki for more information about Euphoria editors.

You can examine the source-code for the demonstration editor edx to see how editors and highlighters work. Notice the use of colors. You can adjust these colors along with the cursor size and many other "user-modifiable" parameters by editing constant declarations in edx.ex. Use Esc q to quit the editor or Esc h for help.


Create some new benchmark tests. See demo\bench. Do you get the same speed ratios as we did in comparison with other popular languages? Report your findings on the forum.

Read the Manual

Read the manual in html\index.html by double-clicking it. If you have a specific question, type at the console:

guru word 

The guru program will search all the .doc files, example programs, and other files, and will present you with a sorted list of the most relevant chunks of text that might answer your enquiry.

Visit the EuForum

Euphoria Discussion Forum

Trace a Demo

Try running a Euphoria program with tracing turned on. Add:

with trace 

at the beginning of any Euphoria source file.

Run the Tutorial Programs

Run some of the tutorial programs in euphoria\tutorial.

Modify the Tutorial Programs

Try modifying some of the demo programs.

First some simple modifications (takes less than a minute):

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