Sample Configuration Files

Default eu.cfg

On windows the default eu.cfg file is found in c:\Euphoria\bin and contains:

    1. [all]
      -i c:\Euphoria\include

On unix the default eu.cfg file is found in /etc/euphoria and contains:


The default eu.cfg is read every time a product is run and contains the path to the Euphoria include directory and standard library.

Wine eu.cfg

The Windows version of Euphoria can be installed on unix using Wine. For something like Wine, the easiest thing to do is to put the eu.cfg in the same directory as your binaries (eui.exe, euiw.exe, euc.exe ).

The most important thing is to point to the standard library with an -i switch. Also, you will probably want to add the path to the translator library. A simple eu.cfg for Wine looks like:

    1. [all]
      -i z:\home\euphoria\include

      -lib z:\home\euphoria\bin\eu.a

Sample eu.cfg

A forum user contributed this configuration file:

    1. [all]
      -d E32
      -eudir /Users/Downloads/euphoria-79c875319629
      -i /Users/Downloads/euphoria-79c875319629/include
      -com /Users/Downloads/euphoria-79c875319629
      -lib-pic /Users/Downloads/euphoria-79c875319629/source/build/euso.a
      -lib /Users/Downloads/euphoria-79c875319629/source/build/eu.a
      -eub /Users/Downloads/euphoria-79c875319629/source/build/eub

Supported Command Line Switches

A Euphoria mode is a Euphoria product on a specific operating system. The supported command line switches depend on the mode; use the -h switch to display a list of switches for your system.

The case of the switches is ignored. For example: -i and -I are equivalent; -copyright and -CopyRighT are equivalent.

eui -h and euiw -h

{{{ eui options:

[-eudir dir] Overrides the value of EUDIR [-c filename] Specify a configuration file [-i dir] Add a directory to be searched for include files [-d word] Define a preprocessor word [-l local] Defines a localization qualifier [-ldb localdb] Defines the base name for localization databases [-p file_ext:command] Setup a pre-processor [-pf] Force pre-processing regardless of cache state [-w name] Defines warning level [-wf filename] Write all warnings to the given file instead of STDOUT [-x name] Defines warning level by exclusion [-batch] Turn on batch processing (do not "Press Enter" on error) [-strict] Enable all warnings [-test] Test syntax only, do not execute [-coverage dir|file] Indicate files or directories for which to gather coverage statistics [-coverage-db file] Specify the filename for the coverage database. [-coverage-erase] Erase an existing coverage database and start a new coverage analysis. [-coverage-exclude pattern] Exclude from coverage [-copyright] Display all copyright notices [-v], [version] Display the version number [-h], [help] Display the command options [-?] Display the command options }}}

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