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I think one of the reasons this isn't done is certain syntax error expressions will have unexpected results.

-- suppose r_routine is a routine that points to bzero from C and happens to be 2.
? 2*(1+2) -- The user gets 6  
? 2(1+2) -- The user forgot the '*', and gets a machine error trying to write to address 3, for some unknown amount.  

hallo petelomax, have you come to any conclusions yet? [quote euphoric]

irv said...

What, may I ask, is wrong with letting people who actually care about correcting the documentation, correct the documentation without giving them a chance to damage working source code?

Nothing wrong with it. It's just not currently set up to work that way. Changes made to the online docs or wiki cannot be (easily) incorporated into the 4.1.0 docs, so I'm just trying to prevent any wasted efforts (because this is a big effort). Again, Greg might have somethi [quote euphoric]

_tom said...

Could we use Google docs as a central location for editing documentation? The idea is that everyone could edit a copy of the source-code directly. A running copy of a pdf made from these changes would be available at the same location.

The only options for now are to create tickets for any issues*, or make the changes to the source yourself. * You might need devel No. I have tried to convert EuGtk to work with Phix, and got a basic window and button to work, but as noted above, it would be a major job. Different libs, etc. Irv, not sure if this is a bug, but I have two monitors, and it's giving me negative mouse coordinates in certain areas. test76.ex https://i.imgur.com/WORQ1Il.png Nevermind. Text says "relative to the active area of the window."

Icy_Viking said...

Oops. Forgot to include std/convert.e I've added it in and uploaded to github. Try again, please. It should work this time.

I already have that file in my include/std folder. Shouldn't that be enough?! Hi abort(insert_fn) Chris Hi Easier to read using the <eucode> -- eucode </eucode> construct so

function Read_File(atom hfile, atom lpBuffer, atom nNumberOfBytesToRead)
    return c_func(Read_File_id, {lpBuffer, nNumberOfBytesToRead, lpNumberOfBytesRead,0} ) 
end function 

would look like that so, you're calling a c_func - have you defined it somewhere, would be useful to see that. Also what's the purpose of the function (if it's just to read a file, might read_file() [[https://op Hi A minimum illustration

--why this?  
--x should be a global variable  
--but seems to have been made local within main()  
integer x = 1 ------------------------------------------------------  
procedure display_x() ------------------------------------------------------ position(2,1) 
    printf(1, "%d ", {x})  
end procedure -------------------------------------------------------  
procedure main() -------------------------------------------------------  
integer c  
display_x() wh 
( I removed a duplicate of this post _tom) 
( I removed a duplicate of this post _tom) 
hi, in order to get something like a structure, is it possible to do https://openeuphoria.org/wiki/view/Pass%20By%20Reference%20OOP%20Style.wc in phix? or maybe there is some other EASY way to do some thing like an allocatable/definable structure in PHIX? Thank you Richard 
Sorry, Read the later post. Regards, jd 
[quote SDPringle] I believe this can be done in Euphoria. Maybe there is something in the archive. [/quote] Why was my posts deleted? I really am john1988. Admins, if you doubt me then please check my ip address. You will see that it really is me. I just forgot my password and need my email address reset. 
I am john1988 and I have returned. 
[quote SDPringle] [quote Icy_Viking] Python has a lot going for it. Though I'd rather code in Euphoria. There's so much cumbersomeness(is that a word?) to Python that I really dread programming in it. I think Euphoria could be on the same level if not higher than Python if some tweaks were made here and there. [/quote] What tweaks do you mean? Make a new post for that in a new thread if you do. [/quote] Hey folks, this is john1988 checking in. 
[quote CoJaBo3] I thought I posted this before but I can't see it now. It was removed - it was deemed potentially provocative. I am doing some research on the general copyrights of a specific item of confectionary. I need to write a web scrapper in Phix that will trawl the web for articles referring to other four or five finger chocolate bars. I am interested in suggestions on how to approach this. And I'm sorry, this post has been moderated Chris [/quote] bern here again. I am really 
[quote JimPishlo] Hi, could someone activate the following accounts? http://openeuphoria.org/user/profile/andi49.wc http://openeuphoria.org/user/profile/andi50.wc [/quote] How about no? Why did you create these accounts? || user || created_at || | jimcbrowne | 2018-04-29 11:58:43 | | j1mcbrown | 2018-04-29 11:59:25 | | jimcbrow0n | 2018-04-29 12:00:01 | | j1mcbr0wn | 2018-04-29 12:03:21 | I'll tell ya, that banned list is getting pretty long. So is the blocked IP list. -Greg 
[quote JimPishlo] Hi, could someone activate the following accounts? [/quote] What does this have to do with the GDPR? 
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