Also known as IL, this is the output from the parser, or front-end of Euphoria.

The Euphoria interpreter has two main parts, the front-end (parser) that validates the source code and transforms it into IL codes, and the back-end (run-time) that executes the IL codes, thus making the application run.


This reads in the source file and the various include files to build up the complete set of code that is the application. While doing that, it validates the source code and generates special data known as IL codes. These can be thought of as the machine language for the Euphoria virtual machine, which is the run-time component.


This is the virtual machine. It reads the IL codes and executes them as if they are instructions for an imaginary CPU.

The future

There is a possibility that in the future, that Euphoria will have a compiler that converts the source code into real machine language. There might also be a tool that converts the IL into machine language for real target CPUs.


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