Historical GettingStarted, Revision 4

Getting Started with Euphoria

This page is intended for those new to Euphoria (and to computers and programming in general) as a short, simple introduction on how to install and run their first text based program, and their first gui program, using the IDE. There are also additional links at the bottom for additional study.

This page is not intended to teach you how to program - there are many other places that will do that (please add your own links at the bottom!), and you can always ask on the forum.

Step-by-Step to Your First Euphoria Program

  1. Install Euphoria
  2. Install a text editor. You will need a text editor in order to create Euphoria programs. There are so many available out there, it's simply a matter of personal preference. However, we have compiled a list of Euphoria-compatible editors on our Editors page. That's a good place to start. You can also search the site for more discussion of editors.
  3. Start your editor and type in the program below
integer x 
sequence s 
s = "Hello world" 
for i = 1 to 10 do 
    x = i * 2 
    printf(1, "%d %d\n", {i, x}) 
end for 
puts(1, s & "\n") 
puts(1, "You've just written your first program!\n" 
  1. Save the program as "hello.ex"
  2. Open a console window, type "eui hello" and press ENTER
  3. Tada!


The wiki has MiniGuides and Tutorials.

See also our comprehensive list of TutorialsOnTheWeb.


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