Historical GettingStarted, Revision 1

Getting Started with Euphoria

This page is intended for those new to Euphoria (and to computers and programming in general) as a short, simple introduction on how to install and run their first text based program, and their first gui program, using the IDE. There are also additional links at the bottom for additional study.

This page is not intended to teach you how to program - there are many other places that will do that (please add your own links at the bottom!), and you can always ask on the forum.

The OpenEuphoria.org website is primarily focused on Euphoria 4.0. However, since it is not yet released, some of the instruction below applies to version 3.1.1, the last release of the 3.0 version. Once 4.0 is released, information relating to version 3 will be removed.

Install euphoria

  1. goto http://www.box.net/shared/u18aiv9xln or http://superb-east.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/rapideuphoria/Eu3.1-Win32Setup.exe and run the setup program. This will also setup the environment variables necessary to allow euphoria to run.
  2. Test the installation Navigate, using windows explorer to c:\euphoria\win32lib0704\Demo then find RunDemos.exw and double click on it. Voila, you should see a window, with a list of other programs to run, double click on them to run them, and right click on them to open up the editor (more later). For now, just close it.

Write a console or text based program

  1. Open a dos box (this may not work on Vista, I haven't tested it, so I don't know. I do know that the free and excellent DosBox program runs fine on Vista though, but thats a separate issue). A dos box is also known as a console, and the terms may be interchanged here frequently.
  2. To open a dos box in XP, Start->Run then type command (press ok) - this will open a black box with whats call the prompt - it will look something like
    c:\> or C:\DOCUME~1\USER>
  3. type cd \ (press enter) (you have just navigated to the root of the hard drive)
  4. type cd \euphoria\demo (press enter) (you have just navigated to the euphoria demo directory)
  5. type ed fprog.ex (press enter)
  6. you will be presented with the blank editing screen type the following code, each line on a different line, at the end of each line hit enter. Do not copy and paste - it will not work, don't be so lazy!
  7. don't worry what each of these lines mean, its just to show how to use ed
  8. note how the for loop is auto completed for you
  9. when you are done, press ESC then e - the program will run, or show you where you entered any typing errors.
integer x
sequence s

s = "Hello world"

for i = 1 to 10 do
    x = i * 2
    printf(1, "%d %d\n", {i, x})
end for

puts(1, s & "\n")
puts(1, "You've just written your first program!\n"

Write a gui program using the IDE

A beginner's guide to Euphoria GUI programming, GUIphoria

Links - favourite editors

Links - other beginners resources

See Jules Davy's web site conversion of David Gay's Beginner's Guide to Euphoria into a website
Bill Aitken's FREE book, Euphoric Mysteries
Online HTML book, Jubilation


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