You can use this code to generate unique filenames. I use it for temp files.

This code might be duplicated in the official standard library.

This code can also be found in the Euphoria Unofficial Standard Libraries.

-- uniquefn.e v1.0 by cklester 
-- call newFilename(directory) to obtain a filename unique 
-- to the specified directory 
-- by default, there are 2,821,109,907,456 different 
-- names available, making it impossible to dupe a name 
-- but also extremely fast because it doesn't have to 
-- read in directory information, sort, etc... 
-- there really should be no reason to ever 
-- change any of the default values 
-- at a minimum, you'll want a filename length of 5 
-- and all 26 letters of the English alphabet 
-- that provides for over 11 million unique filenames 
include std/filesys.e 
sequence validChars 
integer vc, fnl 
    validChars = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789" 
    vc = length(validChars) 
    fnl = 8 -- default filename length 
global procedure setFilenameLength(integer a) 
-- call this procedure if you want a filename with a 
-- length other than the default 8 (for DOS compatibility) 
-- limited to 10 because that allows for 
-- 3,656,158,440,062,976 different filenames!!!! 
-- a length of 1 allows for 36 unique filenames using the default validChars set 
-- a length of 2 allows for 1,296 unique filenames using the default validChars set 
-- 3 -- 46,656 
-- 4 -- 1,679,616 
-- etc... 
    if a >= 5 and a <= 10 then -- yes, hard-coding a minimum (for your own good) 
        fnl = a 
        fnl = 8 
    end if 
end procedure 
global procedure setValidChars(sequence s) 
-- call this procedure to use a different set of 
-- valid possible characters for the filename 
-- for example, all numbers: setValidChars("0123456789") 
    if length(s) >= 10 then -- yes, hard-coding a minimum (for your own good) 
        validChars = s 
        validChars = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789" 
    end if 
    vc = length(validChars) 
end procedure 
function random_string(integer len) 
-- build a random string from validChars of length len 
sequence result 
    result = "" 
    for t=1 to len do 
        result &= validChars[rand(vc)] 
    end for 
    return result 
end function 
global function uniquefn(sequence currentDir) 
sequence fname 
atom failmax, counter, possible 
    possible = power( vc, fnl ) 
    if fnl = 1 then -- special case which should never happen unless you cheat 
        for t=1 to vc do 
            if atom(dir(currentDir & "/" & validChars[t])) then 
                return { validChars[t] } 
            end if 
        end for 
        return -1 
    end if 
    -- failmax is a sort of timeout error. if it can't get a unique filename 
    -- in this many tries, it fails out. this probably should be based on possible. 
    if possible < 100 then 
        failmax = possible 
        failmax = 100 
    end if 
    counter = 0 
    if not length(currentDir) then 
    end if 
    if atom(dir(currentDir)) then 
        return 0 -- if the supplied directory doesn't exist, return an error 
    end if 
    fname = random_string(fnl) 
    while sequence(dir(currentDir & "/" & fname)) do 
        counter += 1 
        if counter = failmax then 
            fname = "" 
        end if 
        fname = random_string(fnl) 
    end while 
    if length(fname) = 0 then 
        return -1 
        return fname 
    end if 
end function 
global function newFilename(sequence dir) 
object fname 
atom fn, timer 
integer maxTries 
    fn = -1 
    timer = time() + 3 
    while fn = -1 and time() < timer do 
        fname = dir & uniquefn( dir ) 
        if sequence(fname) then 
            fn = open(fname,"w") 
            if fn > 0 then 
                return fname 
            end if 
        end if 
    end while 
    return -1 
end function 
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