OpenEuphoria on USB Pendrive

Try O[ programming without installing anything on your computer--create a USB pendrive programming environment.

Here are instructions that Windows users will find convenient.

You will need:

  • Slax download
  • OpenEuphoria download
  • USB Pendrive

Slax Installation

Download Slax

    • Navigate: To the Slax website
    • Click on: Download
    • Choose: Download for USB ZIP format
    • Choose: Slax language
    • Choose: between 32 bit and 64 bit

The Slax download will be about 215 MB.

Prepare a pendrive

    • Format as fat32
    • Label the drive: OpenEuphoria Slax

Extract Slax

    • Open the .zip with an archive manager (like winzip).
    • Extract downloaded files to pendrive.
    • extraction options to consider:
      extract to the top level (not into a subfolder)
      preserve paths when extracting

Make pendrive bootable

    • Read the instructions found in slax.txt of your pendrive.
    • effectively you double click on the file slax/boot/bootinst.bat, and the pendrive becomes bootable

Test Slax Linux

    • Check your computer bios to make sure it can boot from a USB device.
    • Boot Slax from USB pendrive.

OpenEuphoria Installation

Download OpenEuphoria

    • Navigate: To the O[ webside:
    • Select: The downloads tab
    • Choose: A Debian Package (.deb) format
    • Choose: Between 32 bit and 64 bit

The O[ download will be about 11 MB.

Convert .deb to Slax .sb format.

    • Launch Slax
    • Navigate: To where you downloaded the O[ .deb file using the File Manager.
    • Right Click: On the panel containing the O[ .deb file
    • Select: Actions/Open Terminal Here (You will see a black window labeled slax bash - Konsole )
    • For example if the O[ version is 32 bit,
      then at the prompt type:
deb2sb euphoria_4.0.4_i366.deb 
    • After some activity you end up with an .sb file.
    • Notice: That the location of the file is: /tmp
      The file is:
      You can find this file by clicking on the red Root icon of the file manager.
    • Check: Your USB drive should have a copy of this file in:
      (When an .sb module file is in the /slax/modules directory it will automatically load each time Slax boots.)

Test the Demos

Test OpenEuphoria

    • Open: A Konsole ( like from the black >- icon in the main menu.)
    • Type: eui at the prompt
    • Look:
Euphoria Interpreter v4.0.5 
   Linux, Using System Memory 
   Revision Date: 2012-10-15, Id: 62d94559f849 
ERROR: Must specify the file to be interpreted on the command line 

Euphoria is installed.


You are now ready to start O[ programming.

    • The Advanced Text Editor called Kate is ready for O[.
      Files written with .e and .ex file extensions will be syntax colored.

Start Exploring.

    • Navigate:




Open a file:

    • single right click,
      then: Open With / Kate

      (The file is opened with Kate.)
    • double right click on an .ex file

      (The file is opened with KWrite.)
    • Examine the source-code.

Open a Konsole

    • right click on the filemanager panel
    • select: actions / Open Terminal Here
    • At the prompt type eui followed by a program name.
    • See: O[ in action.


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