Historical EuWebDeployHistory, Revision 10

Tracks dates and times that various features/bug fixes have been deployed of EuWeb to OpenEuphoria.org. Newest deployments at top.

Awaiting Deployment

  • Better indexing of the manual
  • function, procedure and type are boosted in rank automatically, thus the API docs for a given routine will always be first in the results.
  • Forum post/edit now has AJAX preview w/fallback to post/reload method for those w/o JavaScript

Fri, Nov 05 2010 08:06PM EST (test, prod)

  • Search results now displays score
  • Sort order is score high -> low and then created newest -> oldest

Fri, Nov 05 2010 05:23PM EST (test, prod)

  • Ticket Quick Link "About Tickets" now pointing to the new wiki
  • Full text search for the manual
  • Interwiki link error highlighting ticket:157 fixed
  • Type icons on search, recent and ticket list now use the title="" attribute, fixes ticket:261
  • Fixed ticket:64, Preview style not same as actual style

Fri, Nov 05 2010 07:35AM EST (test, prod)

  • ticket:321 - Ability to query for tickets with no attached milestone



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