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The current release of Euphoria 4.x is OpenEuphoria 4.0b4

The current release of Euphoria 3.x is RapidEuphoria v3.1.1

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds, also known as eubins, are available at http://openeuphoria.org/eubins/

OpenEuphoria 4.0b4

Released: 8/29/2010

Previous versions of Euphoria

OpenEuphoria 4.0b3

Released: 3/18/2010

OpenEuphoria 4.0b2

Released: 8/31/2009

OpenEuphoria 4.0b1

Released: 8/11/2009

RapidEuphoria v3.1.1

3.1.1 is the latest 3.x release of Euphoria. Versions prior to 4.0 can be downloaded from RapidEuphoria.com.


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