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Euphoria v4

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Current: OpenEuphoria 4.0.0

Released: 12/22/2010

Binary Releases

Platform Description Link
FreeBSD 8.1 x86 package euphoria-4.0.0.tbz
Linux 32-bit Debian Package for 32-bit systems euphoria_4.0.0-eu3-Final0_i386.deb
Linux 64-bit Debian Package for 64-bit systems (32-bit euphoria binaries) euphoria_4.0.0-eu3-Final0_amd64.deb
Linux 32-bit Generic tar/gz package for 32-bit systems euphoria-4.0.0-generic.tar.gz
Linux 32-bit Generic tar/bz2 package for 32-bit systems euphoria-4.0.0-generic.tar.bz2
OS X 10.5 installer Euphoria-4.0.0-Final-10.5.pkg
OS X 10.5 tar/gz binary package euphoria-4.0.0-OSX-10.5.tar.gz
OS X 10.5 tar/bz2 binary package euphoria-4.0.0-OSX-10.5.tar.bz2
Windows Windows installer (standard) euphoria-4.0.0.exe
Windows Windows installer (Open Watcom bundle) euphoria-4.0.0-ow.exe

Documentation (Releases already contain documentation)

Format Download
PDF euphoria.pdf

Source Releases (Pre-translated)

Platform Link
FreeBSD euphoria-4.0.0-src.tar.gz
Linux euphoria-4.0.0-src.tar.gz
NetBSD euphoria-4.0.0-src.tar.gz
OpenBSD euphoria-4.0.0-src.tar.gz
OS X euphoria-4.0.0-src.tar.gz

To install from source you need a C compiler. Download the Source Package for your platform and then:

% cd euphoria-4.0.0-src/source 
% ./configuure 
% make 
% make install 

This will install Euphoria into the /usr/local directory tree.

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds, also known as eubins, are available at http://openeuphoria.org/eubins/

These are based on the latest revisions as found in the code repository.

Previous Versions < 4.x

Previous versions of Euphoria are available on the PriorReleases download page.


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