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The simple, powerful programming language.

Current Stable Version 3.1.1

Version 3.1.1 Euphoria is found at the RapidEuphoria website.


Euphoria Windows

The WIN32 version lets you develop and run Windows and Dos programs in console (text) mode.

Download Euphoria WIN32

Add-on programs allow you to develop and run GUI programs. The Win32lib is for Windows only, the wxEuphoria is multi-platform.

Download wxEuphoria

Euphoria Windows With GUI and IDE

This download contains Euphoria 3.1.1, and the Windows only Win32Lib and IDE.

Download Euphoria & Gui


The DOS version lets you develop and run Dos programs in console (text) mode.

The DOS version is contained in the WIN32 file, so you will be downloading the same file as for WIN32.

Download Euphoria DOS

The Euphoria archive has examples of how to create text based "gui" programs.


The LINUX version lets you develop and run Linux programs in console (text) mode.

Download Euphoria LINUX

Add-on programs allow you to develop and run Linux gui programs. The GTK library is targeted to Linux, while the wxEuphoria library is multi-platform.

Visit Euphoria GTK website

Download Euphoria GTK

Download wxEuphoria


The FreeBSD version is much like the Linux version but has been compiled specifically for FreeBSD.

Download Euphoria FreeBSD


The OSX version uses the same file as FreeBSD.

Download Euphoria OSX

New Alpha 4.0

Version Alpha 4.0 Euphoria is found at SourceForge.

You are invited to try the new alpha Euphoria and discover its new features. Since it is in the alpha stage you may send comments to the Forum. There is also a tracking system so that Bugs may be reported.


The WIN32 version has both Dos and Windows versions. The file you want is euphoria_40a3.exe

alpha_WIN32 download page


The DOS version now separate from the WIN32 version. The file you want is eu40a3.zip

alpha_DOS download page


The file you want is euphoria-4.0a3.tar.gz

alpha_LINUX download page


This is the same as the OSX version, file is euphoria-osx-4.0a3.tar.gz

alpha_FreeBSD download page


The file you want is euphoria-osx-4.0a3.tar.gz

alpha_OSX download page


The source-code for Euphoria is hosted at SourceForge you may download up-to-date source-code from the SVN using a program like Tortoise.

The source-code for the alpha version has also been packaged into one file. The same file is compressed either as tar.gz or as zip.

Download one of these files from SourceForge download page :

euphoria-src-4.0a3.tar.gz or euphoria-src-4.0a3.zip


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