Cross compiling for the Rasperry Pi without scratchbox

This process is meant to be able to compile from an x86 or x86-64 Linux system. The resulting binaries can be run on the Raspberry Pi under the Raspbian distro. The advantage of this method of cross compiling is that it is just as fast as building native binaries, since there is no emulation required, and you don't even need a raspberry pi.

This will set up the compiler and tools required to build binaries for the Raspberry Pi.

To build euphoria (4.1 or later), create your build directory, and from there:

$ path/to/euphoria/source/configure --arch ARM -cc-prefix arm-linux-gnueabihf- 
$ make 

Now you can build euphoria for the Raspberry Pi. Additionally, you can use a regular euphoria translator to translate euphoria programs for the Pi by using the eu.cfg that was created when you configured the euphoria build.


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