Compatability issues

Compatability issues

I have come across issues where one version of euphoria will not link to a version of a dll, whereas another one will. This can be very frustrating, especially where other people are reporting no issue, because they are using a different version of euphoria, or a different dll.

The purpose of this page is to gather the incompatabilities in one place. So try different version of eu with different version of the dlls, and report your results here.

For the sake of clarity, and to avoid assumptions, the bits refers to the os architecture, while euphoria and dlls are 32 bits only. If you wish to add 64 bit eu and dlls, then specify it in the column. 32 bit eu can only call 32 bit dlls, and 64 bit eu can only call 64 bit dlls, so these must match.

Platform OS bits Eu Version Eu bits dll dll version (if known) works?
win8.1 64 4.05 32 sdl yes
win8.1 64 4.1 32 sdl no
win8.1 64 4.05 32 sqlite yes
win8.1 64 4.1 32 sqlite no
win8.1 64 4.05 32 euiup dlls partly - iupshow() fails
win8.1 64 4.1 32 euiup dlls yes

I now suspect that it's a an Eu4.05 vs Eu4.10 issue. Jim Brown has suggested adding a '+' to the dll calls - will see if this makes a differenc. I have put the table on the forum for easy addition, if anyone wishes to. Here


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