Code Of Conduct

The OpenEuphoria community strives to enact the following principles when dealing with other members, especially when posting items in any part of this website.

Be respectful
Unless it can be demonstrated otherwise, we will assume that other people generally know what they are writing about, or are genuine in their efforts to learn more. When pointing out errors or differing opinions, we will be polite and ensure that the level of overall information is improved. It is a very different thing to criticize a person than critique their ideas. We will examine and comment on the material posted, and not put down or otherwise show disrespect to the people who are posting.
Assume good faith
We will form our responses to any post or issue based on idea that the people who already posted items on the subject matter are also trying to be fair, informative, and open about their motives.
Be collaborative
Our community is based on shared effort. Every amount of effort is to be appreciated, encouraged, and acknowledged, regardless of how we might perceive the quantity or quality of it. We want people in this community to contribute to it, so we will promote free collaboration and encourage people to demonstrate and expanded their skills.
Try to be concise
Get to the point! Stay on topic! Start new topics if you must.
Be open
Will know that there other other people in this community that know more than us, so we need to be open to posts that expose those areas that we maybe mistaken, misinformed, "difficult". We know that none of us are stupid. Sure we may be wrong at times, and we need to allow that to be corrected.

This code of conduct may be changed from time to time, but only after genuine community discussion and input.

Continued behaviour which deviates from this code, may result in your posts being edited (censored), or even deleted in more extreme cases. It is also possible that your account may be blocked or deleted if there is blatant and continued disregard for this code.

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