Building Euphoria

How to build Euphoria from source.




  • Download and install Euphoria 4.1

  • Open a Bash prompt and sudo apt install git build-essential

  • Keep Bash open and follow the build directions below.

Build Euphoria

$ mkdir $HOME/Projects 
$ cd $HOME/Projects 
$ git clone OpenEuphoria/euphoria 
$ cd OpenEuphoria/euphoria 
$ ./configure 
$ make get-creole get-eudoc 
$ make -C build/creole 
$ make -C build/eudoc 
$ sed -i.bak '575d' Makefile.gnu 
$ make 
$ make test 
$ make htmldoc 

All executables (eui, euc, etc.) and HTML documentation will now be in the build/ directory.

Note: the sed line above is only temporary. That line in the Makefile will be removed in a future commit.

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