Euphoria is an open source project, and there are many dedicated, hard-working volunteers involved in not only developing the language, but also in maintaining the resources surrounding it, such as the web site and documentation. This page serves both as a thank you and recognition for their efforts.


These are the coders. They are the ones responsible for keeping Euphoria fast and easy-to-use. All lists are in last name, first name order.

Core Development

Web Site Back-end


  • _tom


Listed below (alphabetical by last name) are those who generously contribute money to help pay the costs of running the web site.

  • Michael Benedetto
  • Christopher Burch
  • Capital City Stamp Company
  • Jacques Deschenes
  • Model Engineer
  • Sergio Gelli
  • Ramesh Gopal
  • C. K. Lester - euphoric
  • Matt Lewis - mattlewis
  • Alan Oxley
  • Clint Parker
  • Derek Parnell - DerekParnell
  • Scott Stratton


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