EuTest is bundled with binary releases of Euphoria. It enables one to test Euphoria but more importantly to test their own code. An example test case is as simple as:


include std/unittest.e 
test_equal("1+1 is 2, right?", 2, 1+1) 
test_equal("2+2 is 18, right?", 18, 2+2) 


C:\MyLib\tests> eutest t_simple_math.e 
interpreting t_simple_math.e: 
  passed: 1+1 is 2, right? 
  failed: 2+2 is 18, right?, expected: 18 but got: 4 
  2 tests run, 1 passed, 1 failed, 50.0% success 

If your directory has many t_*.e files, you can simply run eutest with out any parameters and it'll execute all test files in the current directory.

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