Ticket #844: remove deleted posts from recent posts list

If a post on the forum is removed by an admin, it still shows up in the "Recent" list. It shouldn't show up there anymore.


Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: Module: Forum
Assigned To: unknown Status: Fixed Reported Release:
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone:

1. Comment by jimcbrown Apr 24, 2013

See: hg:euweb/rev/d978e9ef0124

changeset: 472:d978e9ef0124 tag: tip user: Jim C. Brown date: Wed Apr 24 11:52:02 2013 -0400 files: source/euweb.ex source/recent.e source/recently_deleted.e source/rss.e source/templates/recently_deleted.etml description:

  • Fixes ticket 844.
  • Do not show deleted posts in RSS or in recent list.
  • Add recently_deleted view.

2. Comment by ne1uno Apr 24, 2013

isn't the better move to mark in the post deleted by admin. this simply removes the trace and covers up the real problem. nobody but the admin and anyone who happens to look at the thread knows what happened.

3. Comment by ne1uno Apr 24, 2013

not speaking of outright spam, which nobody would argue against deleting outright with no trace.

moderating down comments so you have to specifically choose to see irrational/repeditive/offtopic posts rather than a few deciding nobody can see them ever would make for a better solution. but I don't want to reopen the ticket especially.

4. Comment by jimcbrown Apr 24, 2013

Well, editing the post to remove all content and replacing it with a note from the mod identifying the moderator and explaining the reason for the deletion is a good idea - but the downside with editing is that the original deleted content will not show up in

Ideally, we'd follow your suggestion and all edits (by mod or not) would be visible wiki-style. I support that idea, but it's a lot harder to implement.

5. Comment by useless_ Apr 24, 2013

1) replying to a slanderous post by CK isn't irrational.
2) there's no such word as "repeditive"
3) CK himself said the posts were on topic (

And so i speak up for myself when no one else will, and you'll call me some more names?

6. Comment by ne1uno Apr 24, 2013

kat, apologies, I wasn't specifically talking about any of your posts and or none of jims over reactions to V* or E* posts. just in general. not having seen most of them I have no opinion but can guess who's pressing who's buttons and vice a versa.

and I later saw the link to deleted posts, but if they are removed from recent list, I don't think I will want to check deleted posts however many times a day to keep track of them, so although a good compromise no real solution. maybe deleted, non spamy posts could be marked forked to deleted or something. leaving it up to moderator to decide if a post is spam, delete or whatever.

have the new problem now where deleted posts that are truly inappropriate will be memoralized in deleted posts where they should probably be edited content deleted


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