Euphoria Ticket #550: Some examples of regular expresions doesn't work.

Examples showing the use of "option_spec" parameter lack "from" parameter which causes the examples to fail.

See, for example, matches and all_matches.

Platform: Windows


Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: Documentation
Assigned To: jeremy Status: Fixed Reported Release: 4618M
Fixed in SVN #: 4701 View VCS: 4701 Milestone: 4.0.0

1. Comment by jeremy Dec 15, 2010


2. Comment by jeremy Dec 15, 2010

Fixed and new docs deployed. Thanks nanochip. man:std_regex#matches and man:std_regex#all_matches. I fixed it differently in both cases just to provide some variety.

With the next major release of eudoc, I am shooting for it being able to have a parameter "" which would extract the example code and run eui -test on them.


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