Euphoria Ticket #514: coverage.ex fails to find coverage.c on Windows

The culprit is line 34:

sequence c_files = dir(builddir) 

Executed without a trailing slash, $(BUILDDIR)\intobj returns just that $(BUILDDIR)\intobj, not the items inside of $(BUILDDIR)\intobj. This was fixed in RC2 by adding a trailing slash to the makefile target but needs fixed properly going forward.

Also, while editing coverage.ex, make it abort(1) on errors.


Type: Bug Report Severity: Major Category: Other
Assigned To: jeremy Status: Fixed Reported Release: 4626
Fixed in SVN #: 4627,4638,4631, 4630, 4636 View VCS: 4627, 4638, 4631, 4630, 4636 Milestone: 4.0.0

1. Comment by jeremy Dec 08, 2010

Temporary fix in place in svn:4627

2. Comment by jeremy Dec 08, 2010

Fixed problems in be_machine.c w/string handling. dir("intobj") previously would realize intobj was a directory and append "
*" to the end. The append was not being handled correctly.


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