Ticket #261: alt= for images on ticket page too long and table too wide

in firefox the ticket index table is too wide.

the "alt=feature request or alt=bug report" from the image icons shows when you run with image loading off making the problem worse. they should be alt="" like on the recent page.

for some reason the alt=threaded view/message view" in the forum index page don't make the table overrun the quick links as happens on the ticket page but they should also be cut back to initials maybe.


Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: General
Assigned To: jeremy Status: Fixed Reported Release: 3680
Fixed in SVN #: 3868 View VCS: 3868 Milestone:

1. Comment by jeremy Nov 04, 2010

Isn't the alt tag suppose to be used for those w/o image support and those w/visual impairments? Thus if you changed alt="b" or alt="br" then it would be of little value to those users?

2. Comment by ne1uno Nov 05, 2010

I will have to do some research, but I think attribute title="longer description" is an acceptable workaround with alt="abreiv" for more compact layout.

the anomaly is, why does the recent page table not wrap as well as the ticket table index page.

moving the z-order of quicklinks in front of the table would also help. you can see the quick links behind the other elements but you can't click on them as is.

the layout of the ticket table could be more compact.

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3. Comment by jeremy Nov 05, 2010

Using title instead of alt on Search, Recent and Ticket Lists. Those are the three places that uses type icons at this point.


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