Euphoria Ticket #999: free_console


Euphoria will create a console text window for your program the first time that your program prints something to the screen, reads something from the keyboard, or in some way needs a console. This window will automatically disappear when your program terminates, but you can call free_console to make it disappear sooner.

After freeing the console window, you can create a new console window by printing something to the screen, calling clear_screen, position, or any other routine that needs a console.


When running in pure text mode (no window manager), the text mode terminal is always there. Text output and keyboard input will appear there.

When running from an xterm, the terminal will remain open after your program ends, and a new prompt will be presented. Any text output or keyboard input will be seen on the xterm.

When running without an xterm, Euphoria will not open a text window, any printing to the screen will be sent to dev/NULL, and keyboard input will go directly to your Euphoria program.


Type: Task Severity: Normal Category: Documentation
Assigned To: euphoric Status: New Reported Release:
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone: 4.1.0


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