Euphoria Ticket #964: Translator to Utilize Caching to Speed Up Subsequent Builds

I would like to see the translator use a database to store prior translations.

For example, when I build a Win32Lib program, instead of it having to rebuild all the files, it looks into its cache and, finding the filename and discovering that it hasn't changed since last time, it just grabs the cached translated file instead of doing it again.


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1. Comment by jimcbrown Dec 30, 2016

Not a bad idea. It could act similarly to make/gmake and check timestamps of .e* and .c/.h files to determine if anything has changed or not.

We'd probably need a -force-full-clean-and-build option though, in case someone updated a .e file but then accidently hand-edited a post-translation .c file. (or even just ran touch or used a text file reader that updated the .c file's timestamp).

2. Comment by ne1uno Dec 30, 2016

anyone try precompiled headers -j -jobs options to gcc & make are they reliable in a translated program?


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