Euphoria Ticket #956: MSYS2 fails to configure EWINDOWS

I just migrated Xp OS to a new hardrive and msys mintty fails to run. some error #5 access/permission problem I'm seeing in a few programs now. no idea why some programs fail to run when copied to different system maybe the network names or hardrive ID changed or registry values, no clue.

while looking for answers, I came across the msys2 project. 32 and 64 bit supported terminal and some build tools apparently, make isn't included so I used the one from msys which builds eu just fine for years.

I changed configure line CYGWIN to MSYS so it would define EWINDOWS instead of EBSD if echo "$UNAME_SYSTEM" | grep CYGWIN > /dev/null; now eu4 builds ok with MSYS2

I don't recall what msys returns for uname msys2 returns

$ uname -s 
$ uname -m 
$ uname -r 


Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: Build System
Assigned To: unknown Status: New Reported Release: 6323
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1. Comment by jimcbrown Mar 06, 2016

Looking at the configure script, it seems to have returned MINGW(something), likely MINGW_osversion e.g. MINGW_NT-5.1

I think the fix is to check for either MINGW or MSYS and handle this as the same case.

2. Comment by SDPringle Mar 07, 2016

Do paths under MSYS look like /cygdrive/c/dir/file or /c/dir/file?

3. Comment by ne1uno Mar 07, 2016

/c/dir/file though. some tools have no problem with regular windows c:\dir\file

  • I don't know how I missed MINGW in configure right under the CYGWIN test. check for both should work "MINGW|MSYS" if that's the correct grep syntax

4. Comment by ne1uno Mar 07, 2016

I should mention just in case, I later checked the MSYS2 32bit download with clamwin antivirus and it reported a non specific W32.Virut.Gen.D-144 has a 32 meg limit and I haven't run any other checker.

I swear, I usually check before running anything especially in light of the mint website Cinnamon & forum hack a few weeks ago, but checking happened out of order this time. the sha256 hash matches the download page and, it's probably a false positive anyway.

msys2 has ported pacman package manager so updating/adding packages has never been easier. worked right out of the box to update core. make and other dev tools I assumed were missing in my initial bug report are also available.


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